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The Emerging Eco Fashion Market

As we live in the modern world today, the concerns of our environment and sustainability have progressively become a larger part of our lives. The importance of becoming a responsible manufacturer, is, and always has been, part Comfort Workwear Ltd's vision. Since the early 90's we have sent most of our seemingly useless left over fabric scraps to other factories, to be used as teddy bear stuffing or other doll stuffing. We have also been one of the fore leaders in receiving an Oekotex Standard 100 certificate for our Chinese factories, promising the fabrics and materials we use will come to no harm to our environment.

But what can we do to further our beliefs in bettering the environment for our future?

The article posted in the below link, on "The Art of Eco Couture" is highly intriguing, as it introduces the possibilities to reuse materials in a beautifully creative method.

Although, the world of uniform design may not allow us to always re-use our garments, we believe the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and materials will be our future. More and more often do we see the use of polyester yarns made from recycled plastic bottles.This is just the beginning of this environmental movement, which will probably pave for further technologies and uses.

Of course, we must also consider the environmental impact each and every time we make a purchase, whether for personal or commercial use. At Comfort Workwear Ltd, we are proud to be producing quality durable uniforms and garments, allowing for longer uses and lesser wastage. We will continue to stand by our ethical methods of garment production, which is and always will be, here to stay.

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