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Cotton! Cotton! Cotton!

What is the MOST basic material that could be used for all the garments you wear? If you answered "cotton" (as if our title didn't give it away), then you are absolutely correct in guessing what our blog entry is on this week. We are proud to report that Comfort Workwear Ltd uses fabric from approved cotton suppliers who are part of the Better Cotton Initiative in China.

cotton farm

What is the Better Cotton Initiative?

The general idea is that we, as a member of Earth, should be looking at improving the global cotton industry, from bettering the working conditions for those part of the production this cotton, to protecting the environment from harm from farming this cotton. The ultimate goal is to create a cotton industry that is sustainable, so that the future generations could rely on cotton to be a good commodity

The Basic Gist of the Requirements (as quoted from the BCI website* ):

  • CI Farmers minimise the harmful impact of crop protection practices- using sustainable methods in protecting cotton crops from pests, diseases, etc e.g. effective crop rotation, introduction of predator organisms, frequent observations, and then some

  • BCI Farmers promote water stewardship- using approved water sources and efficient irrigation methods to increase productivity, without increasing the environmental impact

  • BCI Farmers care for the health of the soil- checking that diseases are contained, pests are kept at bay, and that crop rotation is implemented at the correct times of the year

  • BCI Farmers enhance biodiversity and use land responsibly- crop rotation and introduction of beneficial bugs; the farming practices ensure that the most efficient use of the land is adhered to

  • BCI Farmers care for and preserve fibre quality

  • BCI Farmers promote decent work- there is to be no use of child or forced labour at any of these farms

  • BCI Farmers operate an effective management system

Not to say that cotton is the only material that is used the uniform business, as generally the properties of cotton makes clothing a little less durable, and a little more likely to crease, than your standard polyester, but we must never forget the environmental impact of polyester, or put it simply, plastic. Cotton is biodegradable, gives better breathability, and would not make your clothing set up ablaze like polyesters do, so we should really be grateful that we have the luxury at this point in time to use cotton. By supporting the use of better fabrics, with better quality and better functions, we take a step in protecting our future. Because, there honestly isn't going to be much of the world left over if we all take our resources for granted. Make a change today! Choose Comfort Workwear Ltd to create quality stylish uniforms, that could also provide you with a lower carbon footprint (and less wastage!). The choice is yours.


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