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Let's Talk About Foot Safety (and how to save your food business some money)

This week, we would like to address the issue about basic workplace safety, namely in the front of safety shoes. In the UK alone, slip and trip accidents cost employers over £500 million pounds a year! In the US, 45% of compensation claim cost come from staff slipping over. These are shocking statistics, that could easily be mitigated by enforcing the use of safety shoes.

In Hong Kong, there is no specific government policy that dictates the use of safety shoes. Let's talk about the working environment in a kitchen: hot surfaces, knives and tools everywhere, heavy materials being moved about in a cramped and stressed out atmosphere. All of these factors contribute to the risk of injury. Think about your staff navigating through the sticky greasy floors, whilst trying to speed up for that lunch hour rush. You allow your staff to wear the proper uniforms in a kitchen to prevent injuries from the stove, yet no one looks at the footwear as a part of the uniform? Or worse still, your staff believes that safety shoes look terrible, and they decide to wear their "fashionable" sneakers into work.

What happens if you slip? For your staff, a stinging pain up their wrist for when their hand stabs right into the floor to stop the impact, possibly causing that bone to pop out of their elbow, or maybe downright splat on their buttock, causing trauma to their backbone? What about for you, the employer or manager of your esteemed establishment? Possibly an unnecessarily lengthy lawsuit, along with a guaranteed compensation payment to said injured staff, followed by a difficult search for temporary staff to substitute for that recuperating staff. If only you enforced the use of safety shoes in kitchen areas.

Now, our shock story isn't to say that more experienced kitchen staff do not know how to wear safety shoes, because most veteran kitchen experts will know that wearing safety shoes are by far more comfortable and reassuring than any standard sneaker, but more to say that as a responsible employer, ensuring that your all your staff take wearing the proper footwear seriously. It's about time for you, the management, to enforce wearing safety shoes, for you and your staffs' benefit.

At Comfort Workwear Ltd, our safety shoes brand, Footshield, is your one stop shop to start protecting your staff from slip related accidents. With European standards of SRC non slip soles, and ergonomic shape for standing long hours, what more are you waiting for? Contact any of our sales representative to see what types of corporate prices we could offer, to make staying safe easy and affordable. What are you waiting for? Start saving your business some money from silly slip accidents today!

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