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A-Game Accessories (A Guide to Giving Your Uniforms An Edge)

Accessories are often an overlooked part of your uniform look. Don't be a fool. Make yourself stand out above the competition! Check out what you can do to spice up your uniforms to leave a tasteful impression to your clients:

1) Belts

Belts are a good way to provide subtle colour elements to standard uniforms. Different types of belts, such as chain belts or those with metallic elements are great for providing an edgier finish to overall uniform look. Similarly, belt accents can provide a slimming effect as it can compliment the curves in your body, separating your the top and bottom part of your body.

2) Ties/Bowties

A fantastic easy way to add bits of colour to represent your brand culture and them is to use ties or bowties. These small accessories come in such a variety of materials, from linen to satin, and come with so many different colours and patterns, that you could pick and match them according to your needs. And as they are so fun and practical, you could always change them from time to time to give your uniform a new look whenever you feel like it.

3) Hats

Whether you are looking for a fine dapper look or a neat team player look, hats are always great ideas as accessories. Not only are they functional in keeping hair in place (especially for those working in food production), they are economical and versatile. With such a selection of hat types, there are is definitely a lot to choose from to find the style for you.

4) Jewellery

Jewellery is probably the most thought of word when mentioning accessories. Even today earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are often worn as fashion items, so done correctly, they could doubtlessly add to your uniform look. However, our advice is to avoid overly dangly jewellery, in case they do fall off when you are working. An accent bangle or some neat ear climbers are durable jewellery choices, and would be perfect for working in.

5) Suspenders

A bit old-timey, but needless to say a staple in the uniform world, especially for F&B. Suspenders are becoming more and more popular, as they give off a vintage and grunge vibe, and are well suited for certain establishments, from those who are well known and into the classic feel, to some more whimsical and popular venues. You could even add pins on them to make them more interesting! (Although name tags are also great to put on)

6) Sleeve Garters

This one is a little less known. Sleeve Garters are used to keep F&B staff shirt cuffs out of customers' food by keeping them at an ideal length, but nowadays, they are use more as a fashion accessory. Of course, these are still quite popular amongst bartenders who wish their cuffs from getting damp, as well as restaurants who do not permit rolled sleeves. A highly functional accessory.

7) Scarves

What better way to show off your corporate colours than with a scarf? Scarves also come in loads of colours, patterns, and materials, that again allows you with great flexibility in mixing and matching styles to suit your needs. Moreover, say you have multiple outlets that want something uniquely you, then look no further than to design your own pattern with your logos?

8) Bags/Pouches

Alternatives to aprons? Look no further than using a little bag or pouch. Sometimes, uniforms are to make the staff look part of the venue, and if that venue just so happens to be one with a smart casual feel, that don't want their staff to look too stuffy and mainstream, then a mini bag just might be the solution. The fanny pack is making a comeback lately, so why not kick in the nostalgia by using one? With multiple pockets and zippers, we don't see why this can't be fashionable functional for the uniform world.

At Comfort Workwear Ltd, we are fully committed to helping you achieve your uniform look and style. We are always happy to assist in giving you advice towards improving your uniforms, no matter how great or small your wants and needs. Let us know how we could help!

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