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Colours and Style for Success

Imagine you are due for an important initial meeting, and must somehow make your first impression memorable. What would you do? Perhaps you might run through your notes to make sure you remember what to say, or maybe you might double check your bag in case you've left out a pen. But the honest truth about first impressions is that the person or people you are due to meet will see your face and clothing before you even have a chance to open your mouth to speak. This week, we will be talking about how the simple notion of colour psychology can affect impressions.

Often times we'll find articles about "how to dress to impress". Why is it any different when we talk about uniforms? Your staff will be meeting your clients, those who could potentially be that important customer that you must woo, so surely that first impression must pack some punch. The only difference is that you have control to ensure that your staff don't lose out on that seemingly superficial factor. What do you want your clients to believe? Your establishment is trustworthy? Or maybe that your staff are friendly? There are studies that show that the colour of clothing could be associated with certain characteristics, for example blue could relate to reliability and trust. (It is no coincidence that blue is one of the most frequented colour in clothing, whether it be for your workwear or your everyday casual wear)

List of Colours and Associations:

  • Black: authority, power, glamour, professional, control (assists project well-informed skill or holds an assertive position in an establishment)

  • White: pure, clean, efficient (medical staff, food production companies or chefs wear this colour often to signify cleanliness)

  • Purple: dignified, imperial, confidence (may suggest “premium” services or products)

  • Green: comforting, growth, creativity and fruitfulness (favoured by garden centres or landscapers)

  • Silver: scientific, prestige, technological (regularly the choice of high-tech businesses)

  • Orange: vibrant, warm, adventurous, fun (creates a light-hearted, more casual business atmosphere)

  • Red: confidence, excitement, impact, stand out (used to differentiate workers, or to make them stand out)

  • Yellow: Happiness, warmth, optimistic, hope (used to give a general sense of well-being, e.g. used for charity clothing)

  • Blue: Reliability, Professional, Credible, Trust (the most widely used colour in all companies)

  • Gold: Prestige, Elite (only provides the very best)

As a professional uniform company, Comfort Workwear Ltd has the expertise to ensure you and your staff are represented the way you wish to be known. We are here to provide you with the total solution you want for your staff, fulfilling your wishes to make sure your staff wear the colours that represent you. After all, every little bit counts in our modern world of competition, so why lose out? Let us know if you want to take that step to improve your company today!

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