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How did Uniforms Come to Be

Today, we think of uniforms as a norm, whether you're ordering your favourite coffee from your local coffee establishment, or heading for a checkup at your closest hospital, you will always manage to find staff in uniforms, each representing their companies, offices, or brands. But a long time ago, that simply wasn't the case. As detailed in the article "Occupational Uniforms in History", uniforms actually began in the very households of aristocracy, where different styles and colours of uniforms show what department or household each staff is from.

Who knew after all these times, uniforms went from serving in wealthy households, to military wear, to the professional industry. Although the styles and types of uniforms

have changed through the years, one thing is clear: uniforms are there to represent what company you are from, and how your company should be presented to the public.

Hopefully all of us could appreciate uniforms in a different light, and how it has come a long way!

To read the full article that is discussed in this blog entry, pls click on the link below, and enjoy.

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