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Welcome Footshield Online Shoes Shop!!

Hopefully everyone's not too worried that there hasn't been a blip from Jonathan Workwear's Blog last week, as we were getting ready to introduce you all to our ONLINE SHOP for Footshield Safety Shoes! Footshield is our own shoes brand, focusing on providing the best in comfort and safety to all those hardworking individuals, no matter which industry you're in.

Footshield Chef Shoes line features our unique non-slip shoes sole (of European SRC non-slip standards), composite toecap, anti-static capabilities, and antimicrobial lining, to name a few. In case you all haven't read our post from a couple weeks back on how occupational shoes could save your business some money, do have a click back to that!

We are also have shoes the Oxypas brand, which we distribute, for those individuals working in hospitals, clinics, spas, housekeeping, etc, so do have a look to find that special pair of shoes to help you through your day!

Remember, we do have an online code you may use: WelcomeDiscount2018 , so don't forget to enter that when you place your order for our shoes. As always, Feel the Difference!

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