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Why the PERFECT Uniform Design Matters

Ever wondered why uniform design is so important? Besides the obvious, such as "looking nice" or "our boss wants us to look cool", ever thought about the impact designed uniforms have in transforming your business? As the service industry continues to be the cog that moves the economy, the demand for workers will continue to be a challenge to recruit and maintain. Every little detail, thus, counts!

As detailed in the article found in Xamax, on how to encourage staff a positive work ethic, as well as make their lives just that bit more comfortable with the correct uniform:

Our design services at Jonathan, under Jonagold Designs, is the perfect answer to creating the perfect uniform. The right type of uniform can boost your companies image, as well as improve the effectiveness and attitude of your staff, so why not go for a unique design from us? Our experienced designers could create memorable styles to distinguish each and everyone of our clients, without compromising comfort and functionality. Here at Jonathan, we utilise the best in functional fabrics, from bleach resistant, to anti microbial, to even mosquito repellent fabrics, guaranteed to suit the requirements of your choice.

So why not give us a call, and see how WE could make your corporate image POP!

We are truly:


Your Stylish Uniform Solution.

Feel the Difference.

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